PictBridge Certification Center

This website is administrated and operated by System Solution Center Tochigi, Inc. ("SSCT") to support vendor who wants to be granted the right to use the PictBridge logo on their product such as Digital Still Camera and Printer with PictBridge function. SSCT is an agency authorized by Camera and Imaging Products Association ("CIPA") and SSCT established PictBridge Certification Center in March, 2003. SSCT shall provide various supports for vendors to obtain PictBridge Logo Certification.

The Logo Certification Guidelines has been revised on March 1, 2008.
In accordance with this revision, the procedure of the Logo Certification program plans to be changed as of April 1, 2008.
Please check the CIPA web site.

Under the Logo Certification Guidelines Rev.2.0
The previous method of application will still be accepted under following conditions

  1. All related submissions will be submitted by March 31,2009.
  2. The applicable certification agency is SSCT only.
  3. Products that may be submitted for application
    - Submitted produts whose reservation for certification is received by March 31,2008
    - Derived products of products whose reservation for certification is received by March 31,2008
Previous method of application for PictBridge under the Logo Certification Guidelines Rev.2.0

For more details, please refer to Logo Certification Guidelines Rev.3.0,established March 1,2008. You can download this file from the CIPA site after entering your access ID and password.

Important Information for CD-KEY Customer :

Scenario Version

Test Suite was updated on 06/23/2009 .
Test Sute is updated periodically and only the latest and the last scenario version are available for Logo Certification.

Available Scenario Version

ForDSC: 1.021 and 1.020
ForPRT: 1.025 and 1.024

Other versions are unavailable for Logo Certification.

[How to check your scenario version]
Please start the test tool and click gAbout Scenario Versionh at gHelph on the top of screen to check the scenario version of your test tool.
Please download the latest version if you have old one.

EmuAid-USB for PictBridge
(For Output Device vendor)

Please refer to the Zuken Inc. website for price and delivery date.
English:http://www.zuken.co.jp/soc/doc/designh/emuaidpict_e.html Japanese:http://www.zuken.co.jp/soc/doc/designh/emuaidpict.html

Please click " Get CD-KEY", if you decided to purchase "Test Suite".
If you have any question, please contact SSCT.
* You may be asked CD-KEY number, PictBridge Access ID, or with or without Test Suite SupportAgreement when you inquire about CD-KEY.

Your PictBridge Access ID may not be identified at the time you access this site for the first time even if you already have obtained a password. In that case, please contact us and let us know your PictBridge Access ID.

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